OFSTED Guidelines For School Websites

Have you heard about the new OFSTED guidelines that affect the information you should be displaying on your school website? These measures were introduced in September 2012 and are now a mandatory requirement.

We have compiled a handy checklist for schools to fill out so you can see what you need to do to ensure that your website is OFSTED compliant. You can run the check here: http://www.clickcreations.com/schools-ofsted-checklist

This checklist outlines the ESSENTIAL changes you may need to make on your website to meet the new OFSTED requirements. We also have desirable and suggested guidelines from OFSTED as well, if you would like further information on this please email us back or call us on 0115 960 2222 to request a full website appraisal.

Here at clickcreations we can help you to ensure that your school website complies with the information requirements of OFSTED.  We have 10 years of experience working with schools and other public sector organisations helping them to make their websites meet criteria required by regulation, whilst ensuring the design continues to reflect their image. We can quickly rebuild your school’s website in WordPress which is an easy to use and simple to update industry standard web package. It will also cost a lot less than you might imagine.

Make your school website OFSTED compliant now!