Keyword Research & Planning

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The basic fundamentals of all good online marketing, PR, SEO and social media strategies starts with keyword planning.  Keywords are words that people use to search for your products or services. These are generally split down into three types:

Long Tail Keyword Phrases
A longer phrase which will be used more commonly by people who are searching on their computers rather than their phones or devices. These phrases tend to be easier to rank for in searches because they are not quite so commonly used, but they have the benefit of having a greater focus to drive the right kind of traffic to your website as it is more specific than a short tail keyword phrase which will be broader in scope. Long tail keyword phrases are phrases that contain more than 4 words in them. Examples of long tail searches would include things like:

How to fix an iPhone 6 screen
Plumbers based in Nottingham
Easy short crust pastry recipes

Medium Tail Keyword Phrases
These phrases are broader than long tail, but still can be quite focussed. Fewer words are used in these types of phrases and a little trickier to get found for as the competition for these phrases starts rising a little as they are more commonly used. Medium tail keyword phrases generally contain 3 to 4 words in them. Examples can include:

Web design Nottingham
Plumbers based in Nottingham
Really good pastry recipe

Short Tail Keywords & Phrases
By far the hardest types of phrases to rank for in searches as they are broad and less specific. When someone performs looks for these broad phrases they are more likely to be on a phone or  looking for a general definition of a word. Whilst you may be able to get some decent traffic from these tyes of searches the liklihood they are going to generate meaningful visitors to your website is slim. Short tail keyword phrase examples are things like:

Web Design
Good recipies

Collecting a good bank of keywords both short, middle and long tail, will give you an indespensible resource of things to talk about when creating content for your website and social media posts. So on those days where you feel you are hitting a wall you can look through your list and get inspiration and focus your efforts on a specific topc or subject you want your business to show up for in searches.