Creating A Sucessful Digital Marketing Strategy

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There are so many options available to businesses these days when it comes to creating a sucessful marketing plan that the real question you need to ask yourself is how and where to invest your time and efforts.

You will need to think about the various platforms available to your business when formulating your plan, where your visitors are most likely to find you, how they spend their time online and how to deliver them meaningful content that does not waste their time.

What are your primary objectives? What action do you want the new visitors and potential customers to take? How will you measure the success of your efforts and fine tune them? How will you capture peoples details and use them for your future marketing campaigns? Where are your customers likely to spend time on line? How will your plan adapt to people on mobie phones or devices?

By asking yourself these questions and making this part of your plan you will be laying strong foundations for a sucessful plan.

In very basic terms marketing is:

  1.  Finding and capturing the attention of people who need the products or services you provide.
  2. Helping to facilitate and inform people of their purchasing options or the services you provide.
  3.  Making it easy and low risk to perform actions to make purchases or stay informed of your services.

In my next post I discuss the first step any business should take before embarking on making a digital marketing strategy. The foundations of all great marketing strategies: keyword reseach.