Google +1 Search Feature

What is google +1?

Its a little button with +1 written on it which comes up when you’re logged into google, people can click on search results, or on a button on your website if you’ve got one installed. This then tells google that you are worthy of social attention! Or at least a thumbs up.

Google says:

The +1 button is shorthand for “this is pretty cool” or “you should check this out.”

Click +1 to publicly give something your stamp of approval. Your +1′s can help friends, contacts, and others on the web find the best stuff when they search.

Social media activity is becoming more and more important in SEO these days, google are letting people vote with their feet, so its a great idea to get one of these buttons on your site sooner rather than later. If you need a hand adding one onto your site get in touch!

More information on google +1 can be found here